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“As a teacher and student of mindful movement, I often compare myself and the teachers I study with to Yaokai. I hope to be and find teachers that are as knowledgeable, patient and supportive as him. The things Yaokai has taught me are breathed into my bones. His attention to detail has ingrained the movements in my body.  Years later I still remember them, as compared to other movement practices I learned and quickly forgot.  This is one of the things I look for when I am searching for a teacher."

Sound Healer, Performing Artist



“Yaokai teaches with passion and respect, guiding his students in the development of both technical and energetic skill. Moving from his authentic nature, I feel the essence is communicated without words. Perhaps the biggest blessing is that by his presence my desire to advance through discipline is naturally inspired.”

Qi Gong practitioner



“I have been wanting to do Tai Chi for years and was waiting for the perfect teacher. I knew right away upon meeting Yaokai that I wanted to train with him because he embodies the practice and his energy is very grounding. I’ve been taking private lessons twice a week for the past 2 months and have noticed after class my energy increases so much. It feels like I’m gaining access to energy or Qi that has always been there, I just didn’t know how to cultivate and  activate it. Tai Chi gives me a powerful daily practice that calms my body and mind and allows me to center into myself- something so valuable to me in my fast-paced, busy life. I’m so grateful to have such a masterful and fun teacher.”

Body worker, Athlete



“A session with Yaokai is a wonderful thing. Not only does he have a deep personal knowledge of Thai Chi, he also imbues a session with a stabilizing energy which allows the student to tune into the flow of energy. It becomes easy to find embodiment of the poses and experience the healing available through them. I still practice holding the ball, a basic pose he taught me, even years after receiving the lessons. So much gratitude for the practice and for Yaokai’s approach to Tai Chi.”

Body worker, Yoga instructor

"I have been the fortunate recipient of many gifts from Yaokai, over the years. He holds space with strength, presence, empathy and gentleness. Yaokai has the skill and insight to ask the right questions and provides insight that catalyzes a willingness to grow, listen to the heart, and create healthy changes. Years of dedication to studying energy and the body shine through all that he offers as a guide, teacher, mentor, body worker and friend."

R.E. - Ayurvedic  Practitioner


"Yaokai is the definition of Presence. He really sees me, and it is so helpful to receive his insightful reflections, allowing me to see more of myself. Yaokai is a huge blessing to this world, and being with him has been pivotal for my growth and development. Mahalo nui Yaokai for your extraordinary gifts to this world!"

K.W. - Massage Therapist


"Yaokai is a deep listener and steady space holder. I have appreciated the feeling of safety in his presence, especially in times of conflict resolution and transition. His skills of holding a centered, neutral position while providing relational, empathetic resonance, has helped his facilitation approach land smoothly while I was creating a relationship agreement after a conflict. I highly value the phenomenal gifts he brings and consider myself privileged to receive his facilitation."

 S.T. - Cranial Sacral Therapist

"Yaokai has been a strong male presence in my life for six years now, and throughout our entire journey, he has been a kind and nurturing resource for me to lean into for clear reflection on how he sees what I bring into my engagements and the dynamics I get involved in.  Yaokai is never shy to be honest about the role I play in creating my experiences or the truth of how he sees my experiences meeting with those of others.  He is probably the most reliable person I know to always be up front with me without judgement, with a sight on how to get clear, communicate my clarity, and open my heart."

J.B. - Professional Counselor

"I have had the pleasure to live, work and play with Yaokai since 2016. In all the various roles I have seen him occupy, he has brought exceptional integrity, grounding authenticity, and inspiring skill to the tasks at hand. I have benefited personally and relationally from Yaokai's discernment of both ear and heart and his ability to deliver guidance through difficult matters with kindness and directness.  He has been able to reflect to me my blind spots with conciseness and care. He stands in his power and is also humble. His presence is magnetic and charming and he uses it intentionally for the greater good again and again."

A.D. – Wilderness Therapy Guide 

"Fundi Yaokai has been an immensely positive and impactful figure in my life. I have learned a lot from him about relationships of all different kinds.When it comes to relationships and relating, he has helped reveal to me what is real and what is story, what is truly important and what is unnecessary. Like any effective teacher, healer, coach, master, shaman, or whatever word one likes to use, I have found him to be very aware of his role. Spending time with him I have embodied more and more the essence, joy, love, light, harmony and balance of my being. Thank you for who you are, and how you are. You remind me so much of who I am."

A.W. - Medicine Man, Musician


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As a Tai Chi Teacher

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As a Relationship Coach and Mentor

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