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Self discovery and couples exploration

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“Yaokai is a master of presence. This quality was the most profound aspect of my time with him. To be so fully seen and witnessed without judgement is a true gift. The insights and reflections he offered assisted me in truly getting honest with myself on what was going on and how to change it." D.C. - Water Priestess Mystery School

Relationship and Self Coaching

Yaokai takes a new approach to how we navigate our relationships with self and others. He operates with an emphasis on balance, empathy, compassion and forgiveness while incorporating principles of Taoism and the Human design System.  Through clear communication practices and boundary setting exercises, clients are able to empower themselves with tools to help navigate their safe expression within relationships and come to better understanding of intimacy with themselves.  Sessions offer grounding emotional support with objective guidance, to help clients experience deeper and more fulfilling connections. 

"I’ve never felt more excited to write a testimonial! This is because I can recommend Yaokai’s services with so much confidence. As a young mother, he personally helped me and my son’s father navigate through early days of parenthood. The space he held for us (both individually and as a mediator) brought so much clarity to our connection.  He provided non-biased reflections back to us so that we could notice the places where we were not meeting in our connection."  M.S. - Devoted Mother

Relationship Mediating

  Mediating is an important service that Yaokai provides for those in need of solutions. He has developed methods to help restore broken down communication and relations between many different types of relationships. Yaokai is skilled in bringing people together and finding solutions. Alongside his facilitated skills, Yaokai embodies the art of listening; also known as Space Holding. He incorporates a strong & grounding presence while offering significant observations, objective perspectives and suggested re-framing of one’s story. 


"Yaokai has held hope for me and dark times and shown me pathways to connection and joy that I could not see for myself. I wholeheartedly recommend him for coaching and support. He’s solid in the best way possible. A truly loving and generous soul whose path is quite clearly about helping others move towards love and peace."  M.H. -Professional Counselor



Personal Mentoring  

From teenagers to adults, Yaokai is devoted to helping people find their way in life. Helping them transform resistance and struggle into natural states of harmonious flow. He specializes in specific teachings, clear guidance, grounded presence and an overwhelming amount of patience. He is able to help instill self empowerment, self-confidence and an overall sense of purpose. His deep understanding of interpersonal relations, humanistic programming, and other emotional influences has helped facilitate clients to thrive in their own personal growth and deepen the foundation of the relationships with themselves and how they flow with their environments.


 "He guides individuals to feeling heard, understood, felt and seen.  Yaokai is a master space holder in this way. His honesty and presence have created a container where I have felt safe to unwind, be myself and tend to my relational core wounds." B.W. - Somatic Body worker



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