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Tai Chi Quan

"This will be the Greatest Investment you will ever make for yourself!"

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Tai Chi Quan (T'ai ge ch'üan,) is an ancient internal Chinese martial art practiced for its health wellness, meditation movements, and personal defense training. known for slow and precise movements that stretch the body into alignment, while cultivating internal power flow, known as Qi (chi). It’s principal focus is maintaining balance, yielding to forces, and redirecting energy. The theories and practices of Tai Chi Quan are aligned with the philosophical principles of Taoism and Chinese medicine.


Tai Chi Quan provides a wide range of health benefits. Outside of my own

 experience that supports these findings, studies have shown that it drastically:

  • Improves overall strength, coordination, and balance

  • Promotes flexibility while reducing Pain and stiffness

  • Reduces stress and supports deeper, more restorative sleep

  • Enhances the immune system and improves functioning of the

  • respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, and digestion systems of the

  • body while also lowering blood pressure

  • Enhances vitality, increases drive, improves alertness




Tai chi Quan is an excellent means for meditation. It can be a powerful tool to

deepen awareness, & refine one’s ability to relax and cultivate inner peace. The movements and standing postures naturally bring one’s breath

into harmony while supporting the balance of body, mind & Spirit.


Tai Chi Quan ultimately encourages balance and promotes the mind for peaceful

outcomes. However, the same meditative movements found in it’s form also have

martial applications. It’s philosophy and execution involves yielding & redirecting

 energy as a fundamental principal in combat. These ancient techniques are

 effective in self defense & an overall increase in strength & personal empowerment.

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My Teacher

Nganga Tolo Naa

Nganga Tolo Naa Who joined the ancestors Feb. 2020  founded  QuieScience Sacred Science Temple and co-founded the Afrakan Kupigana Ngumi System.  He created the Kiungo Cha Mkono (Shackled Hands Style) and was a traditional teacher & healer in the most ancient Afrakan traditions. He studied western herbal medicine from his father and was initiated in to African Rites of Passage by Dr. A. J. Mensah. He to studied from his mentor, Priest Medahochi K. Zannu. Nganga practiced and taught a broad range of martial arts in his 60 years of study. His teachers includes over thirty years of study with Prof. Huo Chi-Kwang (a noted scholar) in the internal arts. Nganga was a disciple of Grandmaster Lu Hung-Ping and Became a fourth generation of Cheng style Pa Kua Chuan (Bagua Zhang), fifth generation of Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji quan) and studied Shaolin Chuan from Master Hu Ling and Shorei Goju Karate from John Keehan. He has studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine with Dr. Han Yin-Lun. He was a student of various meditative disciplines, including Taoism  , Kundalini, Tantra , and Hatha yoga(s). He received initiation from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Tibetan Tantra meditation.

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